Diet and Exercise at Christmas

22 Dec 2015 | Health & Wellbeing, Nutrition

New Years Resolutions

Fitness and dieting can be hard at Christmas. While most of us enjoy eating too much at Christmas time, there are those of us that fear breaking our current dieting and exercise regimes.  With so many delectable treats on the Christmas table, it can be difficult to keep track of the festive calorie count. 

With the average person eating their way through an extra 3000 calories on Christmas day, it’s no surprise that people gain an average of 2kg extra around this time. Most people are happy to just up the exercise routine in January to offset this issue, however the ugly thruth is that it may take longer for you to shed those kgs that you may think. In fact they may even stay around until next Christmas. There is some research that has found a large portion of people keeping on those kgs year after year and essentially gaining weight consistently over the years.

Our tips for a successful Christmas

  • Keep it lean on the trimmings: It may seem obvious but it is hard to resist that turkey skin or fatty bit of the ham. Try and choose the breast meat and go easy on the gravy.
  • Be picky with your food. If you dont like it dont eat it.
  • Dont waste food. By this I dont mean eat everything on the plate, what I mean is dont put it on the plate in the first place unless you are going to eat it.
  • Keep the alcohol to a minimum. Not only does drinking too much add to the needless calories, it also means you are more likely to eat more as well.
  • Eat slowly. The slower you eat the more time your head has to register that food in your stomach. On average it takes 20 mins for your stomach to realise it is full. If you eat too quickly then you are sure to over eat.


Above all have a safe and fun Christmas. Our advice is to just do your best and be level headed about it all. Keep active with a walk after Christmas meals and stay active on the days off. Call our professionals 0n (02) 9999 6666 for a chat. We are here to help in any way.