Guardian program

We make it simple for you to get better, stay better and prevent future issues related to your injury or pain problem

Big problems!!

Believe it or not, the traditional rehab model of manual therapy combined with home exercise programs, doesn’t work like you think it does. It’s not the manual therapy that doesn’t work, rather, the home exercise programs that are failing, miserably. Guardian is our recommended program for almost all patients to avoid some of these big problems with traditional rehab. It has been designed from years of research and development, to bring to you a truly unmatched program to help you succeed in your rehab.


Non-adherence to self directed programs

Non-adherence to self directed/ HEP (Home Exercise Programs) has been shown to be as high as 50-65% with musculoskeletal injuries (1). And even up to 70% with low back pain (2). This is obviously a big problem for treating injuries and pain conditions.



Exercise ineffectiveness

If you are one of the diligent ones, what’s even more concerning, is that of the percentage of patients actually doing their programs, 94.6% of patients are not doing their exercises effectively (3). This is actually not surprising, however does come as a surprise to many patients. The vast majority of patients wont get the desired effect from their exercises, even if they perform it “technically” correct. This is because when it comes to rehabilitative exercise, it is very precise and needs to be continually “tweaked” and changed according to the persons condition, ability, daily symptoms  and so on. Sometimes exercises need to be changed to a point that they don’t even resemble traditional/ standard form, becoming completely customised/ evolved for that particular patient.

If an exercise is performed ineffectively, then it is likely to have little to no effect, and can even have a negative effect. Unless you are a trained “lifter” or very experienced with resistance training, then there is a lot that needs to be taken into consideration when performing any exercise.


of patients are not doing their home exercises effectively without supervision *3


The Solutions

We can’t argue that it’s not better to be supervised by a professional. “Supervision” comes in many different forms. Our Guardian Program is one of our solutions. Below are the reasons why it works vastly better than the traditional model of Home Exercise Programs. To ensure that patients get the results they need and want, we have spent many years, and a tonne of investment, in refining a program that ACTUALLY WORKS. At Holistic Physio Fitness, we are relentlessly driven to continue to improve patient outcomes. This is so important to us, that we have created as many options as possible, to try and cater for all patients that come in our doors.

This wasn’t easy! We had to develop something that addressed nearly all of the problems, in early 2023, all of this hard work has finally culminate into the ultimate rehab program.


Drastically Improve Outcomes

  • When supervised by professionals, we correct exercises continuously to ensure the highest level of effectiveness from each set/ rep, ultimately improving the outcomes.
  • Guardian gives your therapist the ability to track and re-assess frequently, allowing us to adjust your program for quicker and better outcomes.

State of the art Equipment

  • Our facility has many pieces of equipment and rehabilitation tools that you are unable to have at home, or they are just too expensive to buy for home use. Also, there is some equipment that can only be operated by a trained therapist (for example, blood flow restriction cuffs), that can drastically improve the effectiveness of any exercise program.

Exercise Physiology vs. Physiotherapy

  • Exercise Physiology is a 4.5 year degree, full time on prescribing exercises. Exercise Physiologists are regarded as the highest qualification for exercise prescription. Compared to Physiotherapy degrees that for the most part have very little to no subjects on Exercise prescription.
  • Whilst there are some Physio’s that have a sound exercise knowledge, it is a common misconception that Physio’s are experts at prescribing exercise. Physio’s are expert diagnosticians, however Exercise Physiologist’s are experts at prescribing exercise. It’s in the name!
  • Our Physios’ are also dual qualified Exercise Physiologists. Our Guardian program is run by Exercise Physiologists in conjunction with the Physio.

Exercise Physiology vs. Physiotherapy

  • Performing exercises, especially when new or if the body is deconditioned, comes with some risk of flaring up joints and tissue. With some conditions, the likelihood of “flare up” can be quite high. The more access you have with your physiologist, the lesser your chances of any issues occurring.

Save money

  • Compared to the traditional model of Physiotherapy, our Guardian program can reduce the cost of treatment by up to 66% depending on your needs.

Increases access to therapists

  • With multiple ways to connect and contact your therapist during your treatment period, we ensure that you feel nurtured the whole way through, hence the name “Guardian”.


  1. Bassett SF. The assessment of patient adherence to physiotherapy rehabilitation. NZ J Physiother, 2003, 31: 60–66
  2. Beinart NA, Goodchild CE, Weinman JA, Ayis S, Godfrey EL. Individual and intervention-related factors associated with adherence to home exercise in chronic low back pain: a systematic review. The Spine Journal, 2013, 13:1940–195
  3. Internal study at Holistic Physio Fitness. Self directed exercises checked after patient has already been shown how to do them. Also has access to video of exercise at the time. Ongoing study, number updated periodically.

Don’t have time?

    • We have multiple class times available throughout the week from early morning to later in the evening
    • We have the option for you to use “zoom” to still virtually attend if your day’s schedule changes
    • There is also another option if you can’t do either of those, to send us videos of your exercises so we can critique them and update
    • You should be doing a home exercise program anyway in order to improve, therefore it really isn’t much more time

How much will it cost?

    • Compared to normal rehab model, it is much cheaper.
    • It will reduce the chances of the injury/ condition returning, hence reducing costs in the long term too.