Cancer and Exercise

What to expect?

We understand each type of cancer and the potential side effects/symptoms you may be experiencing. Our team of Exercise Physiologists are trained to be able to prescribe the correct style, dosage and intensity of exercise to complement your medical treatment plan and to assist you through it from start to finish. You can expect to feel nurtured throughout the process, but also to feel like you are getting stronger and healthier, not the other way around.


Evidence based:

When you are dealing with medical issues that have complex effects on the body, an Exercise Physiologist is the highest qualification to be able to deal with these. Think of an Exercise Physiologist as an “Exercise Doctor”. Personal Training is a relatively unregulated profession. At Holistic Physio Fitness our trainers are bound by multiple professional bodies regulatory requirements. Our professional bodies including, ESSA, APA, FIA and AHPRA ensure that our standards are maintained yearly. Our trainers have many years of experience in the health industry, and when you want results, experience is what you need.

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    Injury Prevention

    Whilst your body is dealing with treatment or recovery, we assist with your exercise and fitness goals in the safest way possible. The last thing you need is an extra injury on top of what you are going through. We do this through a physiotherapy evidence based approach for injury prevention. Our trainers have the highest qualifications in the Personal Training industry. Not only are they Exercise Physiologist/Personal Trainers, they are also Masters of Physiotherapy meaning you get to your goal quicker, safer and more efficiently.
    Get fit AND limit your risk of injury at the same time from completing professionally tailored rehabilitation fitness. This still involves effective training, the only difference is that it is safer because of our professional understanding of injury and the mechanisms that cause injury.


      The latest equipment and technology:

      We have state of the art gym equipment that will help you get on track. We encourage all our clients to train in their own time too. We can tailor an exercise program to suit you and the area you want to continue training in. Our aim is to teach you how to eventually take care of yourself and grow your knowledge..this is the sure fire way to success.

        Backed by your Doctor:

        The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA) has prepared the Exercise in Cancer Care paper which states that Doctors should prescribe particular exercise regimes and refer patients to exercise specialists with experience in cancer care. The statement has been backed by more than 25 health organisations including the Cancer Council, and a COSA report on the issue has been published in the Medical Journal of Australia.

        Speak to your GP today. Some GP’s may not be up to date with the latest research, but we are. We would encourage you to ask your GP to contact us to discuss your treatment so you feel comfortable about starting a program with us. A multi disciplinary approach to your treatment is necessary and will ensure you have the best outcomes. Evidence is suggesting that holding back from exercise if diagnosed with cancer may even be harmful to your health.

        The COSA statement finds that most people with cancer are falling short of the exercise recommendations which include both cardiovascular training and weights based resistance training. Our facilities are designed to help teach you how to train effectively to meet the recommended requirements.

          Why train with someone who lacks the qualifications to deal with your condition?

          Cancer is a multifaceted illness. We have had years of experience with cancer patients. Therefore we know how to provide an effective program to suit your specific needs. We have strong ties with local GP’s who have been referring cancer patients to Holistic Physio Fitness for some time. Although the publications and media releases have been fairly recent, we have been training cancer patients long before the media caught up.

          Holistic Physio Fitness team members are highly trained as Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists. Therefore we are more capable of preventing injury whilst training, and fully qualified to manage injury should it occur.

          Come and try it, we believe our standards are second to none.

            Health Fund Rebates:

            Where applicable you can use your private health for our training services. Whats even better is that your trainer is dual qualified meaning you may be eligible to claim on two services (Physiotherapy AND Exercise Physiology). An already affordable service becomes even more affordable. Some funds even cover the whole cost!*


            *Rebates vary between funds. Please check your Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology coverage.