Holistic Physio Fitness Mona Vale is a premium facility offering a range of Physiotherapy services. Our Physiotherapy services are targeted and effective. We are pain specialists meaning we know how to reduce your acute pain as quickly and effectively as possible. We will decrease the pain you are experiencing and then work on preventing it from returning, the difference being our therapists are dual qualified and specialists in rehabilitation meaning your chances of re-injury or return of pain is drastically reduced.

Our Therapists

Our therapist will choose which method of therapy will be the most cost effective and efficient at treating your injury or pain. Holistic Physio Fitness only has multiqualified therapists. This means they have multiple University degrees and professional qualifications to be able to better treat your condition.

Our Clinic

Our treatment rooms are located at 84 Barrenjoey Rd, Mona Vale. You will receive thorough hands on physiotherapy which will focus completely on you. We have private consulting rooms with at least 30 minute consultations for follow up appointments. We strive to surpass the industry standard in every way.

We also have a fully equipped gym with specialised equipment attached to the treatment rooms. This truly is a holistic approach to physiotherapy at its best.

We look forward to being able to help you with your pain or injury.


About Physiotherapy Mona vale

Our practitioners at Holistic Physio Fitness are highly qualified professionals with years of experience. Rest assured that you will receive the highest standard of health care available on the Northern Beaches. We have all the necessary equipment and skills to provide a complete physiotherapy service for any injury or condition. Experience the convenience and comfort of holistic physiotherapy from a team of young professionals.

As well as being fully qualified and accredited physiotherapists we are also qualified exercise physiologists. This means that as a team we have a much stronger knowledge of exercise based therapy along with all facets of manual physiotherapy techniques.

As part of the holistic approach, our treatment times are longer than normal physiotherapy appointments because we are able to focus our attention entirely on you.

We can also integrate fitness into your session as part of a complimentary health program. So you will not only get great treatment, you can also get a workout!

What we Offer

General Physiotherapy

General physiotherapy is just one of the options you have at Holistic Physio Fitness. Our physiotherapists in Mona Vale are experienced in many areas and can always find a treatment suitable for you. We provide a comprehensive range of methods to rehabilitate your injury fast and effectively.

Back Treatment

If you’ve injured any area of your back or need advice about back exercises, our Sydney physiotherapy clinic can find the best solution for you. We offer physiotherapy and massage treatment to manage back pain or injuries. Whether it is a mild back strain, or a major disc herniation we are very skilled in reducing your pain and rehabilitating you back to full function. Are you experiencing symptoms in your legs such as tingling or numbness? We can help! Call now.

Neck Treatment

Our physiotherapists can come up with the best treatment for your neck pain. There are many different forms of neck pain. Firstly we diagnose the problem, then we attack it with a specific treatment to give you the best result. Most people will experience neck pain sometime in their life, and some more often than others. Neck pain responds very well to hands on treatment, and with our expert advice you will be pain free and enjoying life again. We offer physiotherapy and massage treatment, and can assign you back and shoulder exercises to manage your pain.

Shoulder Treatment

Our physiotherapists are able to treat your shoulder injuries, using basic physiotherapy or massage treatment. We will always find a suitable way to manage your pain. The shoulder joint is one of the most mobile and free moving joints in the body. This is why it is quite often injured. Shoulder injuries unfortunately tend to become chronic if not treated quickly. Don’t wait to have your shoulder assessed by our Physiotherapists, book in now to avoid a long term injury.

Sports Injury Recovery

We employ experienced sports physiotherapists to treat your sports injuries. Holistic Physio Fitness physiotherapists will always find a suitable treatment for your pain. We are also qualified Exercise Physiologists and Exercise Scientists. This gives us the edge on sports rehabilitation as we are able to take you from day one of your injury, right through to full sporting ability, and then some. We have many of the top surgeons referring to us for this reason. Sports people and weekend warriors alike want quick and effective recovery.

Massage Therapy

Holistic Physio Fitness offers different massage treatments to treat your pain or injuries. Our therapists are experienced and will always find the best solution for you. Below are some of those massage techniques.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a great way to treat pain and injuries. Our experienced therapists will find the most suitable solution and always listen to your concerns and requests.

Pregnancy Massage

If you’re expecting, pregnancy massage can help to make you feel more comfortable in this exciting time. Our therapists are experienced at this specialist treatment and will always listen to your concerns and requests. We are highly trained to treat you and your baby with the utmost care and diligence that we would expect for our own family.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is the perfect way to treat non-serious injuries and back pain. Our experienced therapists always listen to your concerns and can help to manage and resolve your discomfort and pain.

Men’s Health Advice

Sometimes, you need a more specialised approach for your problems. Owner Andrew Sumner has experience dealing with health issues that only affect men and can give you treatment and advice.

Women’s Health Advice

As well as pregnancy massage, we offer women’s health advice and treatment for problems that only affect women. We treat every problem with the respect and understanding it deserves.