Yoga and Clinical yoga

At Holistic Physio Fitness in Mona Vale, we have 2 on-site gyms/ studios dedicated to running both 1:1 consults and group classes. Some of the classes include yoga and clinical yoga to address your mobility and flexibility needs. It will address both pain and function to allow you to move better, feel better and also prevent other injuries from occurring.


What’s the difference between yoga and clinical yoga:

Whilst we do offer regular yoga classes, we also combine our professional qualifications to offer clinical yoga. Clinical yoga is similar to regular yoga in that it still involves all the regular yoga exercises and positions, but it is instructed by a health professional with extra knowledge on how to target certain injuries and conditions. This means you get the benefits of yoga whilst honing in on your own particular injury and health profile. What’s more is that you may even be eligible for private health rebates*.


Exercise Physiologist:

Our yoga is led by Leah Rowan who is a long time yoga teacher and exercise physiologist. Leah combines her knowledge in Exercise Physiology, and her yoga teachings to offer a yoga class that we believe to be more effective and targeted.


Our yoga studio:

Our yoga studio that is on-site at our Mona Vale Physiotherapy/ Exercise Physiology clinic is purpose built just for group classes.
-70sqm for plenty of space and distance between other participants.
Completely private with a relaxing outlook to our private garden.
Fully climate controlled
Quiet with no external noise. Specially built with acoustic engineering to prevent any disturbances.

What to expect:

You will be comfortable in our private and tranquil studio room that has been purpose built for yoga classes. Your instructor will ensure that you are starting at a level that is safe and achievable, whilst also progressing you based on your specific needs.

-Basic movements that will slowly progress to more difficult movements over time.
-A lovely private and quiet environment
-Attentive instructor with years of experience, including a professional qualification on top (Exercise Physiology)
-Clinical involvement if you are injured or recovering from injury as it is connected to the main Physiotherapy clinic on site

HEALTH FUND REBATES AVAILABLE ON CLINICAL YOGA when training for eligible conditions. Under Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology (*where applicable)

* To be eligible for clinical yoga you must have completed an initial consultation with our exercise Physiologists and have an eligible condition requiring flexibility and mobility to improve it. Without meeting these conditions you are still eligible for regular yoga classes.