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Our extended consultations are recommended, especially if you have never had a DEXA scan. Even if you have had scan before, unlike other DEXA companies, all our scans are performed by health professionals who are able to give you context and advice regarding your goals. The extended consultation generally runs for 30 minutes, and is an opportunity to ask questions about



-Injury status

-Anything related to our professions (Exercise Physiology, Physiotherapy, Personal Training and Nutrition)

Our practitioners are multi qualified, meaning they are qualified and registered in multiple professions, which is quite unique, further improving the quality of answers you get to your questions. The sessions provide scientific reasoning for your results, and some general discussion and advice to get you on the right track. 



DEXA (or DXA) is a medical scanning technology traditionally used for bone density. It is most commonly found in radiology clinics or hospitals. The problem with this is that they are run by ONLY DEXA technicians or radiologists. This means that they are unable/not allowed to interpret your results for you leaving you confused about how to apply the results to make positive change.

Whilst we are registered and qualified DEXA technicians, we are also dual qualified Physiotherapists / Exercise Physiologists, a combination that is very hard to find and very unique. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of health and wellness that can be applied to any client. If you have goals and desires when it comes to changing your health/ body composition then this is the session for you. Starting here will give you an excellent insight into how to make changes to influence your body composition. What’s also great is that if you find it beneficial you can always see us again for training, treatment, dietary advice or goal setting. The ULTIMATE one stop shop.


To ensure that Holistic Physio Fitness brings you the best-quality scans, we use the MediLink MedixDR.

The MedixDR features state-of-the-art 2D narrow-angle fan beam technology based on a 256 element detector, which provides excellent image quality as well as fast exam times, making it the ideal solution for all types of practices. Because of the reduced magnification and distortion effects (parallax errors) inherent to wide-angle fan beam densitometry, the 2D narrow-angle fan beam technology in the MedixDR ensure that area, BMD and geometric measurements are always accurate.

MediLink MedixDR

MediLink MedixDR

THE Process


We will show you how your body composition, cardio fitness, and metabolic health compares to your ideal physical snapshot.


We’ll make sure you’re making progress and recommend the best diet and fitness plan for your body.


Eliminate the guesswork and possess an unprecedented understanding of your body!

1 Scan + Extended Consult


Full explanation/ goal setting/ exercise and dietary discussion

Ideal for first timers

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