Bicep curls (Theraband)

Bicep curls (Theraband)

What you should feel?? When performed correctly, you will feel a “burn” or fatigue build up in the muscles of the biceps on the front of the arm. You may also feel some fatigue in your forearm flexors. Like all exercises you shouldn’t feel discomfort in the surrounding joints or tendons. To know the difference between tendon and muscle pain, discuss with your therapist.


  • Hold your theraband with both hands firmly gripped on each side
  • The closer your hands are together along the band, the more resistance you will feel
  • Place the band under your feet, or foot, ensuring that it has even length on each side of the band
  • Start to curl the band keeping your elbows by your side and stationary
  • Keep your wrists in a neutral position the whole way through
  • Continue the set for the agreed amount of repetitions

Main muscles targeted:

  • Biceps

Main benefits:

If you have limited equipment, elastic exercise bands like a theraband can be used instead of dumbbells. It is also very portable meaning you can take it on holidays or to work with you. This exercise is used to strengthen the biceps and sometimes to improve scapular retraction position whilst performing another movement.