Calf raises (on a step)

Calf raises (on a step)

What you should feel?? When performed correctly, you will feel a “burn” or fatigue build up in the muscles of the calf or lower leg. You may also feel some fatigue or muscular pain in the feet or the sole/arch of your feet. This should only be a discomfort and not pain. If you feel anything that is out of the ordinary then consult with your therapist. If you are doing full range raises then the calf muscles should start to build up discomfort and fatigue quite quickly, but because the calves are predominantly and endurance muscle the pain will be able to be sustained throughout your set.


  • Standing on a step and holding on to something for balance
  • push through the balls of your feet to raise the heels as high as you can
  • The higher you can go, the more effective the exercise will be
  • Control the lowering phase at a steady speed
  • and repeat until finished the set

Main muscles targeted:

  • Calf muscles
  • Specifically, Soleus and Gastrocnemius
  • Muscles of the foot and toes

Main benefits:

A calf raise over a step ensures you are training full range of motion. This allows your calf muscle to develop strength throughout the entire range of motion of the ankle joint, mimicking many life-like movements. The calf raise is used to isolate the calf muscles to improve their strength. You can use any step as long as it is safe and you wont fall or slip off its surface. Having something to hold is very important for safety, even if you are agile and healthy.