Cat to cow (Mobility)

Cat to cow (Mobility)

What you should feel?? When performed correctly, you will feel a mild stretch in the lower back and upper back areas. You shouldn’t experience pain in the spine and if you do consult your therapist.


  • Start by kneeling on the ground with your arms shoulder width
  • Arch your back up whilst tucking your chin
  • Hold briefly and then relax, dropping your stomach and rotating your pelvis anteriorly
  • Attempt to increase the range and stretch each time
  • Repeat for the agreed amount of sets and reps

Main muscles targeted:

  • Entire spine
  • Pelvis

Main benefits:

A cat to cow stretch will help to regain and maintain mobility throughout the spine. It is for flexion and extension mobility in the frontal plane and is a safer alternative to many as it is supported and controlled.