Hamstring curls on swiss ball (Strength)

Hamstring curls on swiss ball (Strength)

What you should feel?? When performed correctly, you will feel the muscles in the back of your legs, specifically the hamstrings working.


  • Laying on the ground with your heels on a swiss ball
  • Push your heels down into the swiss ball to raise the buttocks off the floor as high as possible
  • Keep your buttocks raised bend your knees and drag the ball towards your buttocks
  • Keep the buttocks in the same position as you extend your knees back to the starting position
  • The ball should be pulled in as far as you are able to go

Main muscles targeted:

  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes

Main benefits:

A hamstring bridge is a great way to strengthen the hamstrings without gym equipment. You will be strengthening two of the most important but often neglected muscles in the lower body. Using the swiss ball to slide will involve the hamstrings much more and from the knees as opposed to just the hips. The hamstrings control hip extension and also knee flexion, so using the ball will recruit the lower hamstrings to flex the knees.