Internal rotation (theraband rotator cuff)

Internal rotation (theraband rotator cuff)

What you should feel?? When performed correctly, you will feel the muscles in and around your shoulder joint. You may feel your pec (chest) working slightly which is ok, as long as it is not overtaking the exercise.


  • Start by tying a strong band around a nearby pole, or perform on a cable machine
  • Hold your shoulder blade back and down to create an optimal postural position
  • Start to pull the band inwards towards the body whilst keeping your elbow in by your side
  • Rotate inwards as far as you can without letting the elbow move away from the side of the body
  • Maintain the retraction of your shoulder blade in order to engage the rotator cuff properly
  • When rotating outwards it is also important to keep the elbow in the same position
  • Continue whilst focusing heavily on your shoulder position and posture

Main muscles targeted:

  • Rotator cuff (internal rotators)

Main benefits:

Internal rotation of the shoulder joint when done correctly can improve the biomechanics (movement patterns) of the shoulder joint, thus preventing unnecessary injury. It is also a rehabilitation exercise after any shoulder injury to help re-engage the correct muscles that rotate the shoulder, rather than recruiting the larger outer muscles which are not designed for fine control.