Leg curls (Strength)

Leg curls (Strength)

What you should feel?? When performed correctly, you will feel the muscles in the back of your leg working. You may also feel the back of your knee working due to the large tendons that attach to the distal hamstrings. This is ok unless there is pain in the knee joint.


  • Sitting on the ground with your theraband tied firmly around something
  • Loop the other end of the band around your foot and turn over onto your stomach
  • Keeping your knee on the floor, bend the knee to resist the band as far as you can
  • If you feel as though your hamstring will cramp, putting a pillow under your hips can help
  • Continue with the agreed amount of sets and reps

Main muscles targeted:

  • Hamstrings

Main benefits:

This exercise will specifically strengthen the hamstrings at the knee joint. A movement that is very often neglected in any strength routine, the leg curl will strengthen the hamstrings in an attempt to keep balance of strength between the quads and hamstrings.