Pallof press (standing)

Pallof press (standing)

What you should feel?? When performed correctly, you will feel the muscles in your arms, chest and trunk (core) working. This exercise involves a lot of muscles so what you feel and where you feel it will be slightly different to someone else. the mian things is that you are stable and feel your trunk i holding you stable.


  • Start by tying a strong band around a nearby pole, or perform on a cable machine
  • Move perpendicular outwards from the anchor until the band is tense
  • Start to push the band out in front of you in a straight line from chest height
  • Focus on pushing in a straight line to extend the elbows to resist the rotational pull of the band or cable
  • Slowly move the band back to the chest and repeat

Main muscles targeted:

  • Almost whole body
  • Muscles of the trunk
  • Muscles of the core
  • Glutes
  • Scapular stabilisers

Main benefits:

There are many benefits to a Pallof press. Some of the main benefits include anti-rotational core training, firing of stability muscles in the upper body, core and legs that prevent injury and also the sequencing of sport specific movements. Because it requires so many muscles, this exercise should be practiced and performed correctly to encourage them to work symbiotically to help other areas.