Passive knee (ROM)

Passive knee (ROM)

What you should feel?? When performed correctly, you should not feel pain in the knee joint, however you may feel a pressure in the joint as it is pushed into the range you aren’t used to.


  • Laying on your back on the ground or something firm
  • Place a towel, or multiple towels for more height underneath your heel
  • You can use anything to make it higher to increase the amount of stretch at the back of the knee as long as it is comfortable
  • Rest in this position using the weight of your leg to stretch the back of the knee
  • Perform for the agreed amount of time and have rests in between if required

Main muscles targeted:

  • Knee joint

Main benefits:

This exercise is designed specifically to regain knee range of motion in instances of post surgical procedures, or even for an arthritic knee needing to regain motion under little to no load.