Power band hip (mobility)

Power band hip (mobility)

What you should feel?? When performed correctly, you will feel the hip joint moving slightly. This shouldn’t be painful and if it is consult with your therapist.


  • Place the mobility band around the highest point of your thigh and a nearby support
  • Move your knee as far away from the base of the band as possible and set up in a hip flexor stretch position
  • Gently let the band pull your thigh towards the support
  • Then push back on the opposite leg to move back into the start position
  • Continue this movement back and forth for the allocated time

Main muscles targeted:

  • Hip joint

Main benefits:

This exercise is used to increase the mobility and movement of the hip joint. Often this joint will stiffen due to a lack of movement or even from over activity. This exercise is a gentle way to gradually increase the movement and mobility of the joint which can offload surrounding structures and prevent injury. It may also help to reduce pain in this area depending on the type of injury or deficiency you are experiencing.