Prone lumbar rotations (Mobility)

Prone lumbar rotations (Mobility)

What you should feel?? When performed correctly, you will feel a stretch at the lower back and in some places along the legs.


  • Laying face down with hands under your chin
  • Bend one knee and twist the lower back to attempt to put this foot on the floor
  • Raise back up and alternate sides
  • This exercise should not cause an increase in symptoms
  • Continue for the agreed amount of sets and reps

Main muscles targeted:

  • Lumbar spine

Main benefits:

This exercise is used to increase the mobility and flexibility of the lumbar spine in a rotational plane. Lumbar rotation is a very important motion that is used constantly in every day life. Having more mobility in that area can decrease the load placed on the intervertebral discs when twisting and lifting. You must progress gently to avoid any aggravation and must not continue if you experience pain in the lumbar spine.