Reverse flys (with theraband)

Reverse flys (with theraband)

What you should feel?? When performed correctly, you will feel the muscles in your inner upper back and posterior shoulder working. Also because it is a unilateral exercise, you should feel your trunk/core contracting to stabilise your body.


  • Start by tying a strong band around a nearby pole, or perform on a cable machine
  • Lift your arm to 90 degrees.
  • Start to pull the band across your body in an arc whilst keeping your elbow locked
  • Pull the band across as far as you can until you feel a squeeze at the back of the shoulder
  • and slowly return to the starting position, keeping tension on the band the whole way through
  • Maintain your shoulder height and ensure each rep is the same as the next

Main muscles targeted:

  • Rear deltoids
  • Upper back muscles

Main benefits:

Great for the activation of your posterior deltoids which are usually imbalanced when compared to the anterior deltoid. Due to much of our movements recruiting the anterior deltoids on the front of our shoulders, it is important to exercise the posterior deltoids at the back of the shoulder in order to create more of a balance between front and back.