Seated lumbar flexion with neutral stretch

Seated lumbar flexion with neutral stretch

What you should feel?? When performed correctly, you will feel a stretch in the lower back with a pulling feeling which may be the nerves stretching. You shouldn’t feel any pain in the back. If you have a low back condition that you have discussed with your therapist then a small amount of pain may be accepted if your therapists has said so.


  • Seated in a chair, towards the front, place both hands on your knees
  • Drop your chin all the way to your chest and hold it there
  • Slowly bend your whole spine from top to bottom, leaning forwards as far as you can go
  • You should feel a stretch in the lower back and also a stretch down the whole spine depending on how tight you are
  • Continue the set for the agreed amount of repetitions

Main muscles targeted:

  • Lumbar spine
  • Lumbar nerves

Main benefits:

To maintain the mobility of your lower back, this exercise is a great way to reduce pressure on the lumbar discs while getting a great stretch in the area. The neural stretch part will also progressively encourage the nerves in the area to move more freely between the muscles and bones that surround them.