Shoulder pulley flexion

Shoulder pulley flexion

What you should feel?? When performed correctly, you will feel the shoulder and surrounding structures stretching. You should avoid pain in the shoulder when performing this exercise.


  • With the pulley system rigged up, sit on a chair close to the wall or door
  • Place the affected hand on one handle and completely relax that arm
  • Pull the pulley down with the unaffected arm to a height that stretches but does not hurt the shoulder
  • You can pull as high as you like as long as the shoulder does not cause you any significant pain
  • The higher you can go the more effective, however it must be within your agreed comfort zone
  • Throughout the set you can go higher or lower depending on how your shoulder is reacting
  • Generally this exercise should not cause pain in your shoulder

Main muscles targeted:

  • Shoulder joint

Main benefits:

Usually used to increase OR maintain shoulder range of motion when you have a current shoulder injury. Also used on stiff shoulders that are likely to flare up, this exercise is a controlled movement and should be comfortable to perform. The pulley will help to assist the lift so that the affected shoulder doesn’t use the muscles as much as a normal shoulder lift.