Single leg stance (Theraband kickouts)

Single leg stance (Theraband kickouts)

What you should feel?? When performed correctly, you will feel a “burn” or fatigue build up in the muscles of the legs, hip and foot. Under the foot can in some people feel very fatigued but this is normal.


  • Standing on one leg in a clear and safe area, tie the theraband around something solid and then your ankle
  • Attempt to balance while you kick your leg out in different directions
  • The band will challenge your balance
  • The idea is to avoid putting your other foot on the ground
  • If this does happen then try and recover and continue with the exercise

Main muscles targeted:

  • All muscles of the leg and hips
  • Core for stability
  • Hip and glute muscles of the leg with the band

Main benefits:

Single leg stance with theraband kickouts is an advanced exercise used to improve the proprioception and the balance ability of the leg (ankle, knee and hips). The introduction of the theraband on the opposite leg further challenges the balance of the leg on the ground. You can progress this exercise by starting with small kicks to going further and longer with the kicks. The longer you stand on one leg the more the muscles will fatigue potentially leading to more muscular endurance. It will also challenge the proprioceptive ability of the brain which will hopefully improve your ability to balance in every-day life situations.