Supine lumbar rotations (Mobility)

Supine lumbar rotations (Mobility)

What you should feel?? When performed correctly, you will feel the muscles in your outer ankle burning. You may also feel discomfort at the ankle however you need to be able to recognise the difference between muscle and joint pain. If your muscles are burning, this is a good thing. Depending on how strong your foot is you may also fatigue in the small muscles and joints of the foot.


  • Laying supine with knees bent and feet flat on the floor
  • Arms out to the side and palms down for stability
  • Keeping your knees together, gently lower the knees to one side, going as far as comfortable
  • Hold for a short period and raise back up, slowly going to the other side
  • Ensure you do not push into pain and that you know your limits
  • This exercise should not cause an increase in symptoms
  • Continue for the agreed amount of sets and reps

Main muscles targeted:

  • Lumbar spine

Main benefits:

A lumbar spine rotation in a supine position is a more controlled way to work on lumbar mobility than others. It is a very controlled and safe way to work on lumbar mobility, allowing more gentle rotation. Rather than twisting the upper body which rotates the spine from the top to bottom, this exercise does the opposite, working on rotation from the bottom up. When performing this exercise you still need to listen to your body and protect it if the lumbar spine doesn’t feel right.