Talocrural mobilisations (powerband)

Talocrural mobilisations (powerband)

What you should feel?? When performed correctly, you will feel the muscles in your outer ankle burning. You may also feel discomfort at the ankle however you need to be able to recognise the difference between muscle and joint pain. If your muscles are burning, this is a good thing. Depending on how strong your foot is you may also fatigue in the small muscles and joints of the foot.


  • Place the band around something sturdy and the other end around the lowest point of your ankle
  • Move forward so that the band is applying pressure to your lower leg
  • Gently bend the knee forward, keeping the ankle grounded throughout
  • Perform for an allocated number of repetitions

Main muscles targeted:

  • Talocrural joint

Main benefits:

Predominantly used for rehab to improve the movement of the talocrural joint (more commonly known as the ankle joint). This exercise when performed correctly can provide a way to improve movement in between Physiotherapy sessions.