Unsupported forward flexion (seated)

Unsupported forward flexion (seated)

What you should feel?? When performed correctly, you will feel the muscles in your inner ankle burning. You may also feel discomfort at the ankle however you need to be able to recognise the difference between muscle and joint pain. If your muscles are burning, this is a good thing. Depending on how strong your foot is you may also fatigue in the small muscles and joints of the foot.


  • Seated in a chair, towards the front, place both hands to your sides
  • As you bend forwards you will be mobilising the lumbar spine
  • but also using the muscles in the lower back to return to the starting position
  • You should feel a stretch in the lower back and some muscle activity but generally it shouldn’t be painful
  • Continue the set for the agreed amount of repetitions

Main muscles targeted:

  • Lumbar spine

Main benefits:

There are two main purposes to this exercise. One is to improve the flexibility/ mobility of the lumbar spine, and the second is to strengthen the lower back muscles on the decent and return.