Football Insurance Process 

Made Easy by Holistic Physio Fitness


How to claim insurance

At Holistic Physio Fitness, we have made it even easier for you to get your insurance claim up and running. We have taken extra lengths and done almost all the legwork (apart from filling out your forms), to make sure you can get the insurance coverage from Football NSW in a timely and easy fashion. Follow the steps below and if you are struggling then call us on 9999 6666

Step 1:

Click here to follow the link and register an account. The insurance claims process is an online process.

Step 2:

Download the Physicians Report and take it to your GP or specialist to complete. Note this must be filled out by a Doctor, not the Physiotherapist.

Step 3:

Download the Club Declaration form and have the club president, vice president, or club secretary/ treasurer fill out the form.

Once you have both forms filled out, upload it to the portal that you signed up to on step 1.