Monitor weight loss with SenseWear. A guide to certain success

18 Feb 2015 | Case Studies

Monitoring weight loss with Sensewear is one of the most accurate tools we have today.When someone embarks on a weight loss journey, the more accurate and aware of their routine they are, the more success they generally have. At Holistic Physio Fitness we have the SenseWear hardware and our practitioners are highly qualified to interpret the results.

Sensewear is an armband that we use to gather important information about your activity level, type of activity, calories burned and sleep patterns. It is considered one of the most accurate devices in the world. Much like your heart rate monitor you wear in the gym, this device is a simple and small device that fits to your upper arm, will give you how many calories you are burning plus a whole array of other interisting and important paramaters, however the accuracy is far superior to a heart rate monitor.

The SenseWear Armband has multiple sensors. These innovative sensors take different “views” of your patient’s life.

What We Monitor:

  • Motion: The Armband contains an accelerometer, a device that measures motion.
  • Steps: The Armband counts your steps, using the accelerometer to measure the distinct patterns created by walking and/or running.
  • Galvanic Skin Response: This measures the electrical conductivity of the skin, which changes in response to sweat and emotional stimuli.
  • Skin Temperature: A sensitive electronic thermometer measures the temperature of the skin.
  • Heat Flux: Measures the amount of heat dissipating from the body

Regular exercise and physical activity continue to be one of the key factors in preventing chronic disease and promoting good health. Knowing how much activity and sleep you are getting can be difficult to understand without an objective measurement. Furthermore, physical activity is a good indicator of a person’s overall mental and physical health and can change in response to prescription medications or behavioral interventions.

The slim design of the Armband minimises interference with the day-to-day activity of the patient. Patients can comfortably wear the Armband while sleeping, exercising and simply going about their daily routine. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the Armband is easy to slip on and off. It turns on automatically to eliminate any non-wear time which can be difficult to distinguish from periods of low activity that accelerometers or pedometers have trouble detecting.

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