Rotator Cuff Training

5 Dec 2013 | Physiotherapy

Rotator Cuff Training


This is an update video of Jakes Physio progress. He is now able to do most things from surfing to boxing. We are still doing hard weight training but this shows him focusing in on his rotator cuff training. This exercise is very good for surfing.

Exercises are a very important part of treatment for a rotator cuff disorder. If pain, weakness, and stiffness in your shoulder are related to problems with your rotator cuff, a Physiotherapist will usually first recommend nonsurgical treatment. Exercises, combined with periods of rest, ice, and heat and taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, resolve most rotator cuff problems. If the pain in or function of your shoulder does not improve with these methods, surgery or other treatment may be considered.

You need to avoid certain motions and everyday activities that make your problems worse, such as reaching into the backseat of your car or stretches that pull your arms toward your back. Be careful when you begin your exercises. Slow down or stop activity if necessary.

Please call us on 9999 6666 to further discuss injuries of the shoulder and how your rotator cuff may be involved.