Spinal Disk Problems

13 Oct 2015 | Physiotherapy

What is a Spinal Disk ?

Spinal Disks act as : * Shock absorbers between spinal vertebrae *Ligaments to hold the vertebrae together *Cartlidge Joints that allow slight mobility of the spine There are a 23 disks in our spines and a variety of problems with different symptoms can occur such as back pain, neck pain or even leg pain.

Types of Spinal Disk problems – Herniated Disk -Degenerative Disk Disease -Infection

Herniated Disk This relates to the rubbery cushions that lie between each vertebrae within your spine. Each cushion ( or disk) has a jelly like substance in its middle with a firmer exterior. When a Disk is ‘herniated’ it is because some of this jelly like substance has leaked out of a crack of the exterior . This substance can cause pain, numbness or weakness by leaking on to nerves. Not everyone needs surgery to treat this problem, some people do not even experience any symptoms from a herniated disk. If you think you may have a herniated disk the most common symptoms are : *Arm or leg pain *Numbness or tingling *Weakness

What causes a Herniated Disk The causes of a herniated disk can be either from an injury ie: lifting  very heavy objects the wrong way , using your muscles in your back instead of your legs or From the normal disk degeneration that occurs as we age, we loose the spoungie fluid content in our disks , this can lead to tears caused by even the smallest strains or twists. If you suspect this is what you may be experiencing , Holistic Physio Fitness will give you a complete assessment for any ongoing treatment and therapy. Not only will we treat the problem ,but also help with future prevention of injury and degeneration, with our holistic approach. Please call Holistic Physio Fitness on 9999-6666 or email [email protected]