Starting Your Rehabilitation With A Good Nutritional Framework

6 Oct 2013 | Nutrition, Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation With A Good Nutritional Framework


Setting the framework

Sports nutrition is a science that requires a solid understanding of the nutritional factors effecting performance, recovery and health, a knowledge of the nutritional value of food and fluids, and the necessary skills to implement appropriate nutritional strategies into daily training and competition.

A key priority for athletes is to establish a well-chosen training diet that can be easily manipulated when special situations emerge (for example, changes to training load, changing body composition goals, or special competition needs).

A good base diet will provide adequate nutrients and energy to enhance adaptations from training, support optimal recovery and avoid excessive food-related stress.

Heavy training increases the need for nutrients, particularly carbohydrate, protein and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

These increased requirements are usually met when an athlete consumes a diet that:

• provides adequate total energy (kilojoules)

• balances carbohydrate intake with daily exercise loads

• includes a wide variety of nutrient-rich foods including protein-containing foods.