Weight loss and injury

12 Feb 2014 | Case Studies

Weight loss:

At Holistic Physio Fitness we take weight management seriously. If you are embarking on a weight loss journey or thinking of doing so, then ask yourself “are you ready”. In order to lose those unwanted kilos then your mind needs to be prepared just as your body does. We help you do both.

Injury prevention:

If there is one thing that will upset your weight loss abilities, its an injury that affects your ability to train. That’s why our highly trained Physiotherapists will ensure that you drastically limit your risk of injury whilst training hard. This not only makes weight loss more effective, but will ensure that you can keep training into the future. Some injuries are unavoidable, but we are here to treat you quickly and efficiently to get you back into some effective, weight losing exercise!

Above is a picture of just one of our many recent weight loss success stories. Stay tuned for more.